Sebastian „TheFlow / DerDickeBaer“ Chece

Founder of Gameflow-Studios GmbH. Leader, Developer, Executive, Promoter, Programmer, Art Director, Creator and Producer for Regain Earth.

Sebastian started with Indie Game Development at 2017 and is spending all his free time to make Regain Earth a fun action game. Just for you!

As autodidact in Gaming Industry Sebastian has still to learn a lot every single day, about Game Development, Game Design, Art, Game Marketing, Game Publishing… and everything else, which is related to run and lead a Game Development Studio. To produce great and fun games.

Your help is appreciated!

Before starting his carrier in Gaming Industry, Sebastian was already self-employed and is still running a company for Software Quality Assurance Consulting, also located in Germany.

Till 2007 he studied technical computer sciences in Dortmund, Germany.

Sebastian lives in Dusseldorf Germany and his hobbies (beside producing games) are, TV Shows and Movies, Climbing (boulder, mostly indoor), Playing games (video games and exit/board games), Live-Roleplay, Geocaching, Hiking and eating (a lot) of delicious food. 🙂